Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ray Lytle Show 1-4-12

This very talked about episode of the Ray Lytle show includes the council round up, and visits by Springfield Aldermen Frank Edwards, Doris Turner and Cory Jobe

The Ray Lytle Show 1-3-12

Ray is back from a few days off and he is already sick and tired of people talking about the Mayans, hidden planets and the end of the world, Plus Gay marriage vs Civil unions and talk of the Iowa Caucus and rumors surrounding them

The Ray Lytle Show 12-29-11

The entire Ray Lytle show from December 29th 2011 featuring Ray and his special guest, his daughter Bella who gets a chance to interview her daddy.

The Ray Lytle Show 12-28-11

A short Clip talking about where youd most want to live from the Ray Lytle Show on 12-27-11

The Ray Lytle Show 12-27-11

A short Clip talking about Sears closing stores from the Ray Lytle Show on 12-27-11